14 Apr 2009


While we took the Easter Holiday literally and relaxed, there was a huge current of angst spreading across the internet at unprecedented speads, thanks to the social networking mediums that have sprang up in the last few years. Finally....I get Twitter and how it can be useful!

Amazon stripped sales rankings from their Gay and Lesbian books, first reported on Mark Probst's blog here. What followed is a phenomina not seen before - an online version of a riot complete with Molotov cocktails and pitchforks.

The power behind the action of angry consumers fueled by the inaction of Amazon to comment (they initially denied it was anything more than a 'glitch' in their system) lead to the following activities, broken down by Jackie Huba here.

The underlying message is that companies can't control what consumers see and think anymore. We'll do our best to take a page from this - please contact us anytime at


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