03 Sep 2009


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Christian Poveda

Christian, was a militant, a war journalist engaged in a fair cause and wanted to calm the political and sociological tensions down in San Salvador, unfortunately, it lead to his own death last night. Since his time as a journalist for Paris Match and Newsweek, covering the civil war in Salvador, Christian Poveda has been very moved by the young generation emerging from it and worried about the consequences of the war. LA VIDA LOCA remains a testimony of this lost generation.

Christian Poveda was also a photographer, very known to get so close to people, he shot the most amazing pictures of the gang members in Salvador, exposed those photos in Japan, Central America, United States of America...

With La Vida Loca, Christian Poveda made his feature debut as a cinema director.

La Vida Loca. Directed by Christian POVEDA. Produced by Carole Solive (La Femme Endormie), Luis Bellaba (Aquelarre), Emilio Maillé and Gustavo Angel (El Caiman).

90’. HD / 35 mm.

In Central America, they are called Maras, these groups of youngsters who have modeled themselves on the Los Angeles youth gangs. They are extremely violent and are propagating terror in El Salvador and elsewhere. This is a study, through photography and the personal stories of these gang members, of a violent phenomenon that has been imported from the USA.

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