01 Dec 2010

Siren is proud to announce the release of several noitaminA titles to Australian and New Zealand audiences. noitaminA ("Animation" spelt backwards) is a weekly broadcasting timeslot on Japan's FujiTV created by FCC which showcases abstract, left of centre anime aimed at a mature age bracket and deviates from the stylistic and thematic restraints of contemporary anime.

Our first two releases will be WELCOME TO IRABU'S OFFICE (based on the novel by Hideo Okuda, author of the brilliant LALA PIPO) and THE TATAMI GALAXY (directed by Masaaki Yuasa of MINDGAME and KAIBA fame). February and March will see their respective releases and are currently available for pre-ordering.

Both works are far-out, humanist stories with some of the most creative hybrid animation going...and they're also no holds barred hilarious! HOUSE OF FIVE LEAVES will be next in line for 2011, with more information and pre-ordering available soon on the Siren website.

If you're old enough to remember when anime was fresh/new/cool or if you like an intelligent (albeit warped) story but are bored of the girls-with-guns and giant robot cliches, definitely check out some noitaminA!

Email for more information.


Is this a sign of more noitaminA series past, present and future seeing the light of day over here? I sure hope so~

Posted by Aaron Chua @ 01/12/2010 20:56 (Flag as offensive)

Oh nice, the Tatami Galaxy. I've been meaning to see that for a while. While i didn't really like Masaaki Yuasa's work on Kaiba that much, it sounds like Tatami Galaxy will be a lot better. Its good to see that you support left field and experimental anime that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Posted by Daniel McCulloch @ 05/12/2010 13:03 (Flag as offensive)

House of Five Leaves is the one on my wish list. Hope there will be more updates on this one soon.

Posted by Fiona @ 09/01/2011 21:35 (Flag as offensive)

notaminA titles are some of the best modern/recent animes out there. I'm very happy that Siren has taken the initiative to license some of these series. What will be even better is if Siren looks back and picks up some of notaminA's older series such as Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile :)

Posted by acejem @ 27/01/2011 11:51 (Flag as offensive)

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