20 Jun 2011

A big thanks to everyone who came along to the Sydney Supanova over the weekend just passed. It was our busiest yet, so thank you very much. It's always great to catch up and say hi to the regular traders and fans who stick it our in the trenches for the weekend and do battle with the crowd that makes Supanova such a mighty juggernaut. In case you were lining up to meet Barbra Eden or dancing yourself into a heart-attack over at the Gametraders stand, we had a couple of new acquisition announcements at the Siren Visual panel on Saturday...

ANGEL BEATS! - Yep, it's coming! DVD will be hitting stores in September. Needs no's Angel Beats! fer cryin' out loud!

DENNOU COIL - We'll be streaming this from July (exact date TBC - watch this space) and releasing the first half on DVD in September. Excellent, excellent, excellent series with a style and pace reminiscent of Miyazaki. It might have been a bit 'under the radar' for most fans and it took a LOT of hard work to pull this one through and lock it in, but it's happening. And it's going to knock you out and have you saying "how the hell did I miss this one first time 'round?!" It's also an exclusive title which we're happy to report is the very first outside of Japan. Yep.

USAGI DROP - Another in the noitaminA range from FCC/Fuji TV. Slice-of-life drama/comedy for mature fans and intelligent kids, USAGI DROP is the story of an illegitimate child raised by her father's grandson (!) and the emotional pain of being an outcast in one's own family. This one will also be streaming in July on Anime News Network with a DVD release to follow.

We'll be making our way over to Perth this weekend, so WA fans take note! Also, keep in mind we're giving away a pass to the Perth Supanova After if you're gonna be around for the festival, have a crack!


Cheers on getting some interesting titles and not succumbing to the all too prevalent attitude these days of simply going for the big sellers.

You are my new favourite company - R1 or R4. Now if only september and Dennou Coil was a little closer =)

Posted by skittles @ 22/06/2011 13:18 (Flag as offensive)

Aw shucks, skittles - thanks! It was hard work, but it's a blast knowing that we have these titles confirmed.

Posted by Siren Visual @ 22/06/2011 13:27 (Flag as offensive)

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