17 May 2013

Siren Visual is proud to present the award-winning anime masterpiece MONSTER, complete with English dub, English subtitles and original Japanese soundtrack.

Set in Düsseldorf, Germany; MONSTER is the story of a Japanese brain surgeon who chooses to save the life of a young boy over the life of the city mayor. Bizarre serial murder follows. MONSTER is an intense psychological thriller spanning 74 episodes which will be released in 5 installments beginning November 2013.

The series is also in the infancy of a live-action adaptation by Guillmero Del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) and HBO.

More information on MONSTER available here:

Please note: no HD masters exist for this series - it will be some time before a bilingual Blu-ray release will be available.


This is great news :) I've been wanting to watch this show for a while now. Good work with all these great recent acquisitions, Siren!

Posted by Sofia @ 19/05/2013 23:20 (Flag as offensive)

Will these sets support Region 1?

Posted by Brandon Lee @ 11/07/2013 17:39 (Flag as offensive)

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