30 Nov 2013

Remember our 30% off October sale? Well, the response was so great and we received demands for more more we've decided to let you all have another chance at scoring some of our discs at 30% off in the lead up to Christmas!

DEC2013 is the code to use on our webstore. This will be humming along until December 15, so get in early for Christmas gifts for the anime connoisseur in your family!


If you're going to say a sale lasts until December 15th, then it should probably work on December 15th. Yet somehow the code has expired.

Posted by Cameron Stempel @ 15/12/2013 18:12 (Flag as offensive)

Lasting until the 15th doesn't mean it included the 15th, all comes down to perspective. Either way you shouldn't of left it until the last minute.

Posted by Chris Smith @ 16/12/2013 07:08 (Flag as offensive)

I suppose. Only found out about it yesterday, so that much is on me. It's not my company, so I really have no say in how they choose to run their business, but I figured I'd point it out at least.

Posted by Cameron Stempel @ 16/12/2013 10:22 (Flag as offensive)

Well I can't really blame you, after all there was pretty much no advertisement for it as far as I know. I only found out because JB doesn't list half of the new releases here so I come here to check for all siren related releases. So this sale kinda helped me too, as I missed out on some titles during JB's 20% but 30% is so much nicer ;-)

Posted by Chris Smith @ 16/12/2013 11:53 (Flag as offensive)

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