26 Jun 2014

New Samurai box-sets have arrived! These contain all 30 DVD's found in our deluxe box-set, but housed in a triple fatpack slipcase...

It's a hefty package and a great idea for Fathers Day in Spetember.

Still limited stock still available of our deluxe version, too...


Shintaro would not have used the word but this is just awesome. I picked up the 5 series (Fuma Ninja) from JB's some time back but to get the whole set? Too freakin' cool!

So keen, I opted to pay the extra $3 and go for express delivery. Sweet!

Posted by Iain McGuffog @ 19/07/2014 18:32 (Flag as offensive)

Does this new set included the trading cards?

Posted by Eugene Thompson @ 01/11/2014 07:33 (Flag as offensive)

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