Black Rock Shooter

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Mato Kuroi just got into junior high school, and on the first day, someone catches her eye; her classmate Yomi Takanashi. The two meet...

The innocent and naive Mato. The mature Yomi. Seemingly opposites, but the time they spend together only strengthens a growing friendship. As they go into their second year at the school, they get placed in separate classes they begin to grow apart.

Somewhere simultaneously... In another world, a young fire residing in her eyes.

Black Rock Shooter faces another young girl; this one holding a jet-black scythe, Dead Master, and a battle to the death begins to unfold.

DVD Extras

  • Making of Black Rock Shooter featurette
  • Clean ED
  • + more!

Product Specifications

Release Date: 20th September 2012 Format: DVD Genre: ANIME Running Time (mins): 300 Rating: MA Year of Production: 2012 Discs: 2 Audio Languages: Japanese Audio Formats: 2.0 Subtitle Languages: English Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Regions: 4

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