X: Complete Collection (Remastered, repackaged)

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From the director of Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Based on the influential work from mangaka CLAMP.

As the millennium draws to a close the stage is set for the ultimate battle that will decide humanity's future.

A young Kamui Shirou returns to Tokyo to face his destiny. The fate of world rests on the shoulders of this 15 year old boy. The future of the planet is bound up in what choice he will make: become a Dragon of Earth and rid the planet of the human scourge that is killing it, or become a Dragon of Heaven and fight to protect humanity from total annihilation.

While Kamui is reluctant to accept his destiny the forces of both sides are gathering in Tokyo for the final battle. As both sides vie for Kamui he avoids confronting the situation, refusing to yield to either side. That is, until his friends, Fuma and Kotori become embroiled in the conflict.

His choice will decide the fate of the world. But has the future already been determined? Can anyone change their destiny, control their fate?

The future has not yet been determined...

X: Complete Collection

X: Complete Collection

Product Specifications

Release Date: 14th June 2007 Format: DVD Genre: ANIME Running Time (mins): 622 Rating: PG Year of Production: 1996 Discs: 3 Audio Languages: Japanese, English Subtitle Languages: English Aspect Ratio: 4:03 Regions: 4

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