11 Aug 2014

    It's cold and miserable, but here's something to warm up your house and wake you out of frozen malaise: 30% off our entire web-store for the remaining weeks of August. This applies to pre-orders, if you've been umming and ah-ing about placing an order for those upcoming titles, here's an incentive to get cracking.

    The code you need to use is AUG2014 and your time


    26 Jun 2014

    New Samurai box-sets have arrived! These contain all 30 DVD's found in our deluxe box-set, but housed in a triple fatpack slipcase...

    It's a hefty package and a great idea for Fathers Day in Spetember.

    Still limited stock still available of our deluxe version, too...


    26 May 2014

    August will see a reissue of this classic 3 episode OVA from Siren Visual. Set in the Bubblegum Crisis universe, Parasite Dolls is fast paced, Blade Runner-esque, man vs technology, old school anime which tells the story of specialized unit of the AD Police who specialise in crimes involving humanoid robots called "Boomers". It's a wild cacophony of sexy sci-fi and tech-noir, and it'll be available for local fans once again very soon!


    19 May 2014

    Following on from our kawaii announcement last month, here's something relentlessly punishing from the ruthless Italian master, Ruggero Deodato...

    Cannibal Holocaust...

    In conjunction with Grindhouse Releasing in the US, Siren Visual presents the nasty horror classic on Blu-ray, newly remastered with tons of new bonus material which you will only find on this double Blu-ray disc edition.

    On top of the disc features, there will also be a 24 page booklet featuring international theatrical poster art and liner notes by Eli Roth, Chas Balun, Gergely Hubai and Martin Beine. New cover art by Rick Melton will be obscured by a slipcase, protecting unwitting eyes. A full rundown of disc content can be found here. Pre-orders are open and stores will have copies July 9.


    This is the definitive edition of Cannibal Holocaust and an essential addition to your collection. BE WARNED: THIS IS A CRUEL PICTURE, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART



    02 May 2014

    First up, the Australian edition of what may very well be the cutest anime series of all time: Chi's Sweet Home. Discotek are handling this in the USA and we figured we had better break the news locally before any of you start to import!

    Chi is an adorable lil' kitty who becomes estranged from her mother whilst gazing up at a bird and finds a new home when a young boy discovers her lonely and lost. Cue much hilarity and feline frivolity over 104 short episodes. Madhouse must sure love their cats as the idiosyncrasies are spot on. This is kawaii incarnate and guaranteed to melt even the most jaded ero-guro nut. DVD only. Chi's New Address is also on the Siren slate, so sit tight.

    We're also doing a complete DVD collection release of La Linea! Those of you of a certain age will remember this lil' fella as a 'filler' cartoon aired between programs on the ABC back in the 70's and 80's. He's a fella with a short fuse who commands the animator's hand to assist him as he navigates the line (la linea) in front of him.

    This is a CLASSIC series which transcends language and cultural barriers thanks to the wonders of simple animation and a cheeky slapstick streak! Available August.

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