28 Jul 2015

    Our warehouse is moving across town and our email server is currently being relocated along with all our stock. Our email system will be down until at least Friday, so don't panic if your messages to us are bouncing: we'll be back with you soon!


    10 Jul 2015's the box set you've been waiting for: Monster...


    The art is still yet to be confirmed (Urasawa himself is currently umming and uhing over it as I type this), but we're aiming to have it in your hands by late August. And yes, the box by itself (sans DVDs) is available to order from us so don't stress if you've already splashed out, bought the series and only need the box!

    This will ONLY be available from the Siren webstore and directly from us at conventions. It's not gonna be in JB Hifi. It's just too awesome and dangerous to unleash on the public!


    15 May 2015

    Now available for pre-order, Siren's exclusive release of Nodame Cantabile is just about ready to roll! This single volume, 4DVD release contains the complete first series along with the original Japanese audio with newly rendered and corrected English subtitles, the English dub (yes, ENGLISH DUB!) and the all important DVD-only OVA (episode 8.5)!

    Set in a prestigious Japanese musical academy, Nodame Cantabile tells the story of a talented yet pretentious pianist named Shinichi Chiaki, whose fear of flying has prevented him from achieving recognition outside of his home country. Enter the lovely Noda Megumi, a muddled young lady with impressive piano skills who insists on being called Nodame and proclaims herself Chaiki's girlfriend. Cue plenty of stress and self-discovery for our star duo!

    Discover why this highly regarded series is revered amonst connoisseurs for anime the world-over and why this particular love story inspired spin-off live action series and feature film.


    31 Mar 2015

    Hideki Anno's 1990 classic is coming to Region B Blu-ray this July! We'll have more details on contents and the exact release date soon, but for now, know that this fantastic series will be available in HD for Australian fans very soon.


    12 Feb 2015

    Yep, we've got a new office and we're still settling in! Mail orders placed as of 2PM Friday February 13 today will not be shipped until Wednesday (Feb 18).

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